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Featuring Emily DuBose's Dress

Congratulations to Emily, the Mother of the Bride. The dress shown was made with Textured Silk Gazaar in Magenta color. Emily visited Couture by LK Design with an idea of a dress that she wanted made and came prepared with a few inspirational photos. Lilya and Emily collaborated with various fabrics, both textures and colors, to determine the best solution. Thereafter, Lilya designed a unique style, took measurements, made this beautiful ensemble, and after a few fittings, Emily was ready for her daughter's special day. Of course, the bride had the final approval!

"We love Lilya and are extremely grateful for her talent. Our experience was wonderful from start to end. She was very patient with us. We took in our ideas and she helped me create a unique dress that was exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend Couture by LK Design! We will be back!" - Emily


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