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Featuring Kathleen Allen’s dress

Congratulations Kathleen with your son’s wedding!

You look stunning!

One shoulder pink shantung asymmetrical pleated gown with embroidered floral appliqués and cascading ruffle down the skirt with detachable organza shawl.


I am so thrilled to share with you what a fabulous day we had for our son and his bride!

She was stunning, he was handsome, Cape Cod was beautiful and we all had a blast!

How can I ever thank you for creating something so unique, special, beautiful and COMFORTABLE for me to enjoy on this day.

After the wedding was over and the guests had all left, my husband and I did not want the day to end, so we decided to walk the streets of Chatham - a very posh place - in our fancy clothes. We popped into art galleries and stopped for cocktails and enjoyed views of the water. I am not exaggerating when I say that every other group of people we passed stopped to admire my dress and some people literally stopped their cars to say how beautiful it was! My husband was so handsome, too, and he got a lot of attention, as well :)


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